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I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time in nature growing up, and I particularly loved hiking and climbing in the Alps. This is where my photography journey began. I used to bring a small film camera to capture the memories, and over time, photography became a passion, a form of expression.

I specialize in landscape and nature photography. Whether it is large scenes or smaller, more intimate ones, the decision to make an image is often a combination of vision and emotion. I do not chase sunset, sunrise, or any particular lighting or weather conditions, but I strive to connect and respond to my environment with the goal to convey feeling through my image.

I spend hours carefully observing different components of the landscape and I relish the connection that exists, at that specific time, between the scene that I choose to photograph and myself. Photography is obviously special to me; it transforms the way I interact with what I see and it impacts the way I feel. When the camera is in my hands, I am slowing down.

In a world obsessed with speed, efficiency, and productivity, the camera is a fantastic tool to suspend time and develop a deep, intimate relationship with the subject. Looking through the viewfinder becomes a therapeutic experience.

It simplifies everything and creates a meaningful environment in which my only concern is living in the moment, engaging all senses, and connecting with what surrounds me.

These are very special moments for me. I am delighted to share them on this website and I hope that some of my images will resonate with you.

Enjoy your time here!

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